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Bedding Plants > Annuals

Annuals are plants which develop from seed, flower, and die in one growing season. Anuals must be planted each season from seeds or transplants. New hardier, better flowering, insect and disease resistant varieties are introduced each year. Annuals can be used in containers, hanging baskets or flower beds. Plant in mass for best color impact.

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Periwinkle (Vinca)
This low water use plant has summer blooms in shades of pink, rose, rose and white about the size of a quarter. Plant early in summer 6-12" apart in area that receives hot reflected sun. They average 4-18" tall, but can be pinched back when young to encourage bushy growth.

One of the most popular annuals with everblooming masses of flowers covering the plants from spring until fall. Flowers of this 8-12" plant include red, pink, white, purple, blue, yellow, and bi-colors. They will tolerate light frosts, but not much heat; morning sun and afternoon shade is best for plants 8-12" tall.

Abundant, fragrant pink, salmon, rose, purple or white flowers appear in spring and then fall. Plant in the fall, 6-12" spaced, for blooms in the cooler part of the year with full sun. Average height is 6-12" when watered regularly and balanced fertilizer is applied monthly.

Purple Fountain Grass
One of the most ornamental grasses in the country, with burgundy foliage and red-purple plumes that emerge in early summer and bloom throughout. In fall this 24-36" annual turns a soft brown and then a straw color with the first hard freeze. Plant in full to partial sun at least 24" apart.

This heat tolerant, full sun annual comes in shades of pink, lavender, white, yellow and orange. Flowers last only one day but are quickly replaced by the continuous blooms from summer through fall. Averaging 4-8" high, 6-12" across purslanes require little water and can withstand high temperatures.

Large, showy spikes of bright red, purple, or white flowers all summer into fall. In light shade plant these 12-24" high plants 8-12" apart. These colorful annuals require little attention and can be planted in full sun. The flowers attract hummingbirds and are good for cutting.

Spikes of vivid flowers in colors of red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, bronze and white with two-toned combinations available. Bloom best in fall and early spring. Flowers attract butterflies. Popular as edging or border. Plant beds of a single color for best display. Best planted in the fall in southern areas, very early spring in northern areas. Dwarf varieties are 10-12 inches tall. Tall types reach 2-3 feet tall.

Sweet Peas
Grown for their fragrant, brightly colored flower clusters. Colors include blue, lavender, pink, salmon and white. Excellent cut flower. Vining types make excellent choice for growing on trellises, fences and lightposts. Bush types are great in containers, beds and borders. Best planted in well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. Water and fertilize abundantly with high nitrogen fertilizer. Plant in fall for south Texas; early spring in the north.

Sun-loving, sprawling annual with clusters of flowers ranging in colors from red, purple, pink, white, and two-toned varieties. Verbena blooms from late spring to fall. Best used in massed bed plantings, borders, in hanging baskets or patio pots.

Flowers in shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, and white from spring through fall. Two-toned, fringed, and freckled types are also available. Flowers attract butterflies and are excellent for cutting. Shorter varieties are best planted in masses in flower beds or borders. Taller types are excellent for back of the border plantings. Plant in spring for summer bloom or plant in early July for fall bloom.

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