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Soils, Mulches & Decorative Stone

Houston Garden Centers offers you an impressive selection of stepping stones, landscaping bricks and decorative stones as well as a complete selection of mulches and soils.

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River Rock
Natural stones add beautify to your garden or waterfall. 40lb bag.

White Marble
Add an elegant touch to your landscaping

Pond Pebbles
Natural assortment of various hues and colors, smaller than river rock. 40lb bag.

Black Volcano Lava Rock
Lightweight and colorful accent to your landscaping

Red Volcano Lava Rock
Lightweight and colorful accents.

River Pebbles
Size in-between river rock and pond pebbles. Can be mixed for a more natural feel. 40 lb bag.

Play Sand
Course sand for sandbox or to fill in low areas.

Rose & Azalea Soil
Ideal medium for planting roses and azaleas. Provides better drainage and root development.

Bedding Plant Mix
adjusted for optimal growth and ideal for seasonal plantings.

Professional Potting Soil
Ideal for container plantings. 100% organic. Optimum horticulture formula.

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