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What to Plant Now

Bedding Plants > Annuals

Annuals are plants which develop from seed, flower, and die in one growing season. Anuals must be planted each season from seeds or transplants. New hardier, better flowering, insect and disease resistant varieties are introduced each year. Annuals can be used in containers, hanging baskets or flower beds. Plant in mass for best color impact.

Rounded clusters of bright flowers in red, pink, salmon, orange, violet, white, and bi-colors from spring to fall. Geraniums need protection from the hot afternoon sun; morning sun and afternoon shade are best. This annual grows to be 16-24" tall and 12-18" wide.

Brightly colored flowers are borne in upright spikes in early to mid-summer. Flower colors range from red, pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, and multi-colored. Best planted in fall for summer blooms. Full sun to partial sun will allow these flowers to grow from 2-6" being spaced 18-24" apart.

Iceland Poppy
Actually a perennial, but treated as an annual in Texas, these cup shaped 3" blooms come in bright yellow, orange, salmon, white, and pink. Plant in partial sun in the fall for spring blooms that can reach 15-24" in height and 18-24" in width.

Free blooming plants with a single or double flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, white, purple, and lavender. Blooms from spring to frost in full to partial shade averaging 12-24" high and 12-15" across. Protect from hot midday and afternoon sun.

Small flowers in shades of blue, white, violet, purple, and reddish-purple over a long season in spring and fall. Partial sun works best for these ground cover flowers that can get 6-8" tall and 6-12" wide. Pinch back after flowering to encourage rebloom.

Double or single flowers in yellow, gold, orange, and maroon that bloom from spring to fall. Plant between 8-12" apart for height of 1-3" in full sun. Makes great cut flowers.

Mexican Heather
Tiny lavender or white flowers that resemble heather cover the plants from summer through fall. Tolerates heat and neglect for a good low water use plant. Grows between 12-24" high and 10-12" wide, with dwarf forms available also.

Morning Glory
Large showy blossoms open at night and close by noon the next day. Flowers are in red, white, pink, or two-toned and bloom

Moss Rose
This heat tolerant plant blooms in shades of red, pink, white, yellow and orange from summer to fall. Should be spaced 6-12" apart for 4-6" high plants. They will withstand high temperatures, drought and sunlight.

New Guinea Impatiens
Shade loving plant with single or double flowers in red, pink, orange, white, purple, and lavender that bloom in spring. They average 18-24" in height and 8-12" wide. They will take more sun than standard impatiens, but do best in moist, shady areas.