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What to Plant Now


Compared to most trees and shrubs, palms are very tolerant of poor soil, wind and salty spray. All palms benefit from regular watering and fertilization.

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Queen Palm
Fast growing palm with graceful, arching, feather-like fronds and a smooth clean trunk. Benefits with summer watering and fertilization. Also known as Cocos plumosa. Trunk width: 8-12". Grows 12-18 trunk inches per year. Evg. ALS-30'T x 10'W

Pindo Palm
Slow growing palm with heavy trunk and feathery arching grey-green leaves. Also known as Cocos australis or Jelly Palm. Trunk width: 12". Grows 3-6 trunk inches per year. Evg. ALS- 15'T x 6'W

Mediterranean Fan Palm
Grows in clumps that develop from offshoots of parent plant. Use in containers or as a specimen plant. Excellent along the coast. Trunk width: 4-6". Evg. ALS - 10'T x 8'W

Sago Palm
Very slow growing palm-like plant that is popular in tropical landscapes, patio pot plant or as a house plant. Usually develops several trunks. Evg. ALS - 6'T x 6'W

Chinese Fan Palm
Slow growing palm with large, graceful cascading fan type fonds. Use as both a container plant and landscape specimen. Tolerates more shade than most palms. Trunk width: 2-2 1/2'. Grows 4-6 trunk inches per year. Evg. ALS - 20'T x 6'W

Pygmy Date Palm
Small growing palm with cascading lacy foliage. Thrives in sunny or shady areas. Excellent specimen for tropical landscapes - attractive planted in clusters. Grows well in containers. Also a good houseplant. Trunk width: 3-6". Evg. ALS - 10'T x 6'W

Windmill Palm
Slow growing fan palm with a long slender trunk. Very cold tolerant. A good container plant. Trunk width 4-6". Evg. ALS - 10'T x 4'W

California Fan Palm
Tall growing fan-leaved palm. A common sight along the Texas coast. Plant singularly or in groupings. Trunk width: 2-3". Evg. ALS - 40'T x 6'W

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