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What to Plant Now

Vines and Ground Cover

Vines can be used as sun screens, insulating your house to save on electric bills or cooling a patio. Vines add life to stark fences and walls, making them much more attractive. Ground covers are a low maintenance water wise alternative to lawn grasses, especially in trouble areas where grass will not grow.

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Purpleleaf Honeysuckle
Popular fast growing vine or ground cover with dark purple leaves and fragrant whitish-yellow flowers in spring. Climbs to 8-10' by twining. Groundcover: 1-2'T. Semi-Evg.

Star/Confederate Jasmine
Fast growing vine and ground cover valued for its fragrant white pinwheel-like spring flowers. Climbs by twining. A good potted plant in colder regions. Evg. ALS - 12-18" as groundcover. Climbs to 12' as vine.

Trumpet Vine
A very slow deciduous self-clinging native vine with dark green leaves. Panicles of trumpet-shaped salmon-red flowers bloom from late summer to fall. A vigorous climber that is great for a summer screen. Dec. ALS - climbs to 20'.

Twining, fast growing woody vine with clusters of beautiful fragrant violet-blue or white flowers. Sometimes trained as small ornamental tree. Plant blooms before leaves appear in spring. Perfect for covering patios, walls or fences. Dec. Climbs to 40'.

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