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What to Plant Now


A well placed shade tree can lower your roof and wall temperatures by 20 degrees or more and help you save over 10% on your electrical bill. Trees help stabilize your neighborhood and add significantly to the value of your home. Homes sell faster in neighborhoods with mature trees.

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Shumard Red Oak
Large majestic rounded, deciduous shade tree with open branching habit with a brilliant red to yellow fall color. Roots grow deep. Native oaks need to be planted in soil types similar to their native habitat; there are many varieties of native Texas oak averaging 60"T x 50"W.

Southern Magnolia
Large upright, evergreen tree valued for its large glossy foliage and large fragrant flowers that bloom in summer. Native to East Texas. Many improved grafted varieties available with superior flowering quantities and growth characteristics, averaging 70"T x 40"W.

Southern Wax Myrtle
Rounded, deciduous or evergreen shrub with upright branches and aromatic, glossy olive-green leaves. This wispy, broadleaf evergreen makes an excellent pruned screen, and can be pruned to form an attractive small tree to expose the handsome gray to white bark. With good watering and fertilizing they average 15"T x 10"W.

Large shade trees, averaging 70"T x 40"W. These deciduous trees are upright and somewhat cone shaded when young spreading with age. Leaves turn purple, yellow or red in fall. Native to East Texas, and now in several improved selections available include, "Rotundiloba", a fruitless selection.

Fast-growing deciduous shade tree that tolerates most soils. It stands up beautifully under city smog, soot, dust, and reflected heat. Sycamores, doing well in all areas, do best with deep watering in summer. Although native to Texas, improved varieties are available. The average landscape size for a Sycamore is 70"T x 35"W.

Water Oak
A large round-topped shade tree that is quite adaptable on moist wet sites. Semi-evergreen in southern portions of the state, and deciduous in all other areas. Native to east Texas, and prefers acid soil. This large tree has an average landscape size of 60"T x 50"W.

Weeping Willow
Very fast growing shade tree that tolerates poor soils and soil drainage. Requires plenty of space and water, they can average 60"T x 50"W, so these deciduous trees are best used near a stream or lake, but are good for all areas of Texas.

Yaupon Holly
A small, ornamental tree native to Texas grown as a multi-trunked specimen. Beautiful white bark, with bright red fruit persists all winter long on female plants fruit. They are good for all areas and requite little water. The average landscape size of this evergreen is 20"T x 15"W.

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