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What to Plant Now

Bedding Plants > Perennials

Perennials are plants that appear year after year without reseeding or replanting. They may die to the ground during part of the year, but return to full form when their season returns. A few cold sensitive perennials should be used as annuals in northern parts of the county or may require additional mulching to protect the root system from freeze damage during the winter. Ask your Certified Professional for more details on how a particular perennial will perform in your area.

Creeping Phlox
Masses of hot pink, white or lavender-blue flowers nearly cover the plants in early spring. Grows best in loose, not too rich soil and when spaced 18-24". Cut this 4-6" plant halfway after flowering. Moderately drought tolerant; plant in full sun.

Crinum Lily
Long stalked clusters of lily-shaped, fragrant flowers rise from strap-like foliage in colors of white, pink, rose or striped. These 2-3" tall plants are excellent in containers, or may be planted in sheltered, sunny garden locations. Set top of bulbs even with soil level, provide ample water and space 2-3" apart.

Large trumpet-shaped flowers in tones of almost every floral color except pure white and blue whose flowers attract butterflies. Plant in full sun to partial shade, 1-3" apart. Choose from tall or dwarf, evergreen or deciduous varieties. Tolerant to heat and drought, however prefers well-drained, prepared soils.

Delphiniums are grown for their showy spikes of colorful summer flowers. The tall spires vary in height and shape; the plants average 2-3" tall and 18-24" across. They grow best in fertile, well-drained soil sheltered from strong winds, in full sun. Removing the spent flower stems after flowering allows the formation of a second bloom in fall.

Dusty Miller
Beautiful, wooly, silvery-white leaves with clusters of yellow or creamy yellow flowers from summer to fall. This cold hearty plant does well in full sun to partial sun 6-12" apart. Height averages 12-16", but plants get leggy unless sheared occasionally.

East Friesland Salvia
Dense spikes of deep purple flowers rise above the gray-green foliage in early spring to midsummer. This superb, long-flowering plant often reblooms in late summer, and averages 30-36" high and 18-24" across. In full sun, this perennial withstands heat, drought and poor soil conditions.

Fan Flower
Lilac-mauve flower clusters bloom throughout summer. Plant in full to partial sun spaced 12-18" apart for plants 6-12" high. Prefers moderately fertile, humus-rich, but well drained soil.

Also called Mexican Fire bush and Hummingbird Bush. Tubular, coral-red flowers last all summer long. Coppery red foliage during the summer, turning more intense in fall with flowers that attract hummingbirds. Firebushes have an average height of 2-3" and width of 18-24". Plant in full sun; very tolerant to heat and drought with low water use.

Prolific, nodding spiked flowers available in white, pink, yellow, and red in early summer. Flowers have contrasting spots on the inside of the bloom. Plant in full to partial sun spaced 12-18" apart. Adds vertical interest to the garden with its 3-4" height and makes great cut flowers.

Garden Mum
One of our most popular fall blooming perennials. Flowers available in many shapes and sizes and in a dazzling display of colors. Space 12-20" apart when planting in full sun to partial shade. As plants grow in the spring and summer, pinch back occasionally. Plant averages 1-2" high. Use early, mid-season and late flowering varieties for a continuous display of color.