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Fertilizers & Chemicals

Fertilizers & Chemicals

Green Light Rooting Hormone
Green Light Rooting Hormone contains the rooting hormone IBA, which activates root formation on cuttings and transplants. Rooting Hormone is an effective root stimulant for use on a wide variety of ornamental, shrub, and hardwood cuttings. Green Light Rooting Hormone increases the percentage of rootings that "take." Rooting Hormone also reduces rooting time, for a more cost-effective, successful propagation program.

Green Light Neem 11 RTU
Green Light Neem II RTU is a botanically derived product. This multi-purpose 3-in-1 product kills egg, larval and adult stages of insects. Can be used up to day of harvest. Provides fast knockdown and kill of insect pests. Neem II RTU is a hydrophobic extract from the seeds of the Neem tree specifically processed and formulated to retain insecticidal, fungicidal, and miticidal activity. In addition, plants sprayed with Neem II RTU look shiny and healthy.

Green Light Rose Defense II RTU
Green Light Rose Defense

Green Light Snail & Bug Bait
Green Light Snail & Bug Bait contains Niban

Green Light Neem Concentrate
the major insect pests and diseases on a wide variety of edible crops. As a fungicide, Neem Concentrate works primarily as a protectant to prevent infection of the plant tissue. It will also kill fungi by contact on the leaf surface. As an insecticide/miticide, Neem Concentrate works to smother and repel pests. It kills pests quickly and repels them for one (1) to two (2) weeks.

Green Light BT Worm Killer
Green Light BT Worm Killer contains Bacillus Thuringiensis, a bacterial organism which causes disease in certain insects, thereby controlling them. BT Worm Killer must be eaten by insects to be fatal, as it induces stomach paralysis. An insect which has digested BT Worm Killer will stop feeding immediately. Death occurs one to five days later due to disintegration of the digestive tract and resulting starvation.

Green Light Stump Remover
Green Light Stump Remover removes unwanted tree stumps by decomposing the wood. After the stump has become porous (through to the roots), it may be easily removed or burned.

Green Light Tomato Bloom Spray RTU
Green Light Tomato Bloom Spray RTU is a natural plant hormone which helps prevent blossom fall and helps to set blooms, which increases crop yield. The application of Tomato Bloom Spray RTU stimulates formation of tomatoes, which is important when conditions are not favorable for plants to set fruit naturally, such as in locations where effective pollination is not achieved. Used as recommended, Green Light Tomato Bloom Spray RTU will promote flowering, increase blossom set, and increase fruit yield. Tomatoes, Beans, Cucumbers, Eggplants, Melons, Okra, Peppers, Strawberries, and Grapes will often bloom earlier when treated.

Green Light Many Purpose Dust
Green Light Many Purpose Dust contains Deltamethrin which controls many different insect pests. The odorless powder kills insects for up to 8 months.

Green Light Conquest Insecticide RTS
Green Light Conquest